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For any other inquiries contact us via email.

Make sure you select the correct email address for your device.







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The new login system will allow you to play with your profile on multiple devices. You may find this useful if you want to switch between playing on a tablet and a phone or if you get a great new device for playing Afterpulse.

To use the new system, you will need to register your email to associate it with your profile. Please note DLE does not store or share your email and has no way to access it.


Please follow these steps to complete the registration process.

• In your settings screen select the “register” button.

• Enter the email you wish to associate with your profile.

A PIN will be emailed to that account so please use an account you can easily access. The PIN is only valid for one hour, if you are not able to complete the process within this hour you will need to start over and get a new PIN.

• When you have your new PIN, enter it in the area provided on the settings screen.

You will only have a few attempts to enter the number correctly so please take care. If you have any problems here you can always return to the “register” button to start over with a new PIN.

If everything went well you will see a “Registration Complete” message pop up.

The process is now complete and you can play Afterpulse with your profile on this device. The email you provided is associated with your profile and allows you to play on other devices by using the login process described below.


Once you have successfully registered your email you will be able to play on any device, with a current version of Afterpulse installed, using your own profile. In order to do this you will need to “Login” on that device.

• To Login go to the settings screen and select the “Login” button.

• Enter the email address you used when you registered.

• Check your email for a PIN

• Enter the PIN

From this point on you can play on this device with your profile. To change profiles on the device you will need to login using an email that has already been registered and associated with the desired profile. At this time you cannot log out and each time you launch Afterpulse it will use the profile from the most recent login.

Digital Legends Entertainment does not store your email address or have the ability to access it.

I was playing with my new profile and it looks like it was reset. Have I lost everything?

No, you have not lost anything. In some cases, restarting the game when you have poor connectivity may result in the creation of a new profile. If you have a DLE code you can reconnect to your real profile by entering it. If you do not have a DLE code contact our Customer Support team at or and they can help you reconnect.

What do I do if the game is not behaving the way I expect?

For any questions about the game please contact our Customer Support team at either or depending on your platform.

If you encounter any unexpected behaviour the more information you can give the Customer Support team about the issue or situation the better we are able to quickly fix the issue. Details about your setup (platform, OS version number, WiFi or data), the game area you encountered the issue, the weapons and gear you were using and any steps to reproduce the issue are all very useful for us.

What happened to the old Afterpulse?

The former publisher of Afterpulse announced that the service of the game would be discontinued and for that reason they delisted it from the stores (you can find more information in their announcement).

Digital Legends Entertainment has taken over the publishing of Afterpulse and it is now available for iOS and Android.

We have released a fresh and highly improved version of Afterpulse and we want to let you know that everyone here at Digital Legends is dedicated to making Afterpulse the kind of game we all expect it to be.

When can I play Afterpulse again?

Afterpulse is available now, published by Digital Legends Entertainment.

We have released a fresh and highly improved version of Afterpulse and we want to let you know that everyone here at Digital Legends is dedicated to making Afterpulse the kind of game we all expect it to be.

What happened to my old profile?

When the old version of Afterpulse ended the previous publisher would not allow the transfer of your old profile. We worked very hard to persuade them to allow the transfer but in the end, they would not allow it.

I worked hard to get the weapons and gear in my profile. Why can’t they be transferred?

We agree that transferring the profile would be the easiest for everyone but unfortunately, we are not allowed to make the transfer of profiles.

We were unhappy with this situation and wanted to make sure our players could have an experience similar to the previous version so we made the decision to create custom profiles for returning players based on the information and proof submitted by the players and, in addition, to give some gifts in recognition of their loyalty.

Using all the information we can legally gather we create a custom profile for our returning players that provides a similar experience to what they previously had and we top it off with gifts. In combination these two components comprise the Returning Player Gift Package (RPGP).

NOTE: As of January 29th 2018 we are no longer accepting new applications for the Returning Player Gift Packages.

If you have questions about your old profile you can go to here to the previous publishers customer support and ask for further information about it.

How can I ensure I don’t start from an empty profile?

Returning player gift packages are being given to returning players who can verify their old accounts.

NOTE: As of January 29th 2018 we are no longer accepting new applications for the Returning Player Gift Packages.

Here is the list of information needed from your old profile:

• Written in-game name (Multiplayer ID).

• Screenshot of your settings screen showing your GID

• If you have made purchases on your old account, screenshots of your iTunes/Google Play receipts.

• If you haven’t already, please send your information to or For files above 9Mb send us a link.

Once you send your information you will receive a ticket number for your case and we will contact you later to tell you the next steps. We are receiving emails from thousands of players and we want to take care of each case. Please understand if we take a little time replying but each email will be answered.

Based on your information we will provide you with a returning player gift package. When everything is ready we will send you a confirmation email.

If you are new to Afterpulse and don’t have an old profile, welcome to the game! Don’t worry about anything, we will make sure you start out on your journey with some awesome welcome gifts.

We are working very hard to review each case individually, thank you for your patience!

I have heard about the DLE code how does it work?

The DLE code is a way to connect your device to an existing profile. If you use the DLE code in various devices all of them will be connected to the same profile. That’s why it’s important to keep it just for you.

The DLE code has some safety checks that may activate if you use it too much to switch between accounts. We can help you with that but these cases will have low priority. We are working on a custom login system for the future that will make things easier.

The DLE code is not related to gift packages. The DLE code does not unlock anything special or provide access to free weapons and gear. All gift packages are added to the profiles individually by Customer Support.

The DLE code can be used to reconnect with your account if you lose your profile or reinstall the app. Being connected to Game Center or Google Play also helps a lot to assist you.

If you don’t have a DLE code you can ask Customer Support for one by sending a screenshot of your settings screen.

DO keep your code private, if someone else has your code they can access your game profile.

DON’T use someone else’s DLE code it will delete your profile and we will have no way to recover it.

What is the difference between the DLE Code and the GID?

NOTE: As of January 29th 2018 we are no longer accepting new applications for the Returning Player Gift Packages.

Now that the game has respawned we use the GID code to merge your returning player gifts into the profile you created when you installed the respawned game.

Using GID is more work for us but easier for you, the benefit to you is that you will not lose any progress you make playing during the time it take us to apply your returning player gifts to your new account.

We know it is taking some time to get everyone their returning player gifts but we are being careful to make sure everything is done correctly. We are trying very hard to be as fast as possible without making errors and we thank everyone for being patient.

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